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Konrad Prusniewski and Agnieszka Pluwak

Agnieszka has found Blues to be a perfect form of dance expression for her as a dance that reflects her dancing story: it has African roots, some tango impact and a spell of jazz elegance. She started dancing at the age of 7 with ballroom, to then turn to African and modern jazz dances. She loves inspirations from all kinds of styles and Blues seems to cover that. And till now she has been teaching a variety of classes in Germany, Spain and Warsaw.

Konrad as a curious person tried a variety of different activities. From  martial arts to dancing.
Since he discovered Lindy in 2013 the dance turned his world up-side-down and revealed different ways of enjoying life. Hard work led him to fast progress and also several achievements in Lindy Hop and Blues contests.
Creativity and curiosity directed him into Blues in which he found complementation of dancing and also deeper connection and feeling.

Fallin in Blues 2018 Teachers Presentation (Video)

Ron Dobrovinsky

Ron’s ability to simplify complicated concepts will give you inspiration, tools and ideas for further exploration. He offers his students a deep understanding and fast implementation of the material, all the while, feelin’ the groove.
Ron loves learning the history of the dance and enjoys digging deep into Jazz & Blues music, its musicians, rhythms and grooves. He is always excited to share his insights with his students as well as introduce them to great music.

As a certified fitness trainer with a background in other dances & martial arts, he helps dancers create good quality movement in their dance, and provides them with ways to take care of their body and to prevent injuries.
Ron combines the valuable experience of developing a local scene with his experience as an  international teacher. Besides teaching regularly around Europe, Ron is also the director of Swing It dancing school where he teaches and promotes swing dance culture around Israel.


The Snowball 2018 - Slow Jam - Second place (Video)

The Snowball 2016 - Slow Dance Competition - First Place (Video)


Denis Lutsko and Genia Tsvietkova

Genia’s dancing story begun when she was 6 years old. Lindy Hop she met in 2006. She danced some boogie-woogie (competing, teaching). Also she is a big fun of blues. The dancing way keeps her excited, she finds out  something new and really interesting all over time. She hopes “this way will never reach the final destination 😉 “.
Genia was teaching in Russia, Belarus, Poland, Lithuania, France, Belgium, Taiwan etc.
Since 2015 Genia is a part of the project Shiny Stockings Chorus Line in Kiev.
Mostly her classes are concentrated in how to connect dance more with music and enjoy your dancing. It's mix smoothness of blues, energy of lindy hop and music feeling inside of yourself.

Denis has been dancing social for over ten years, including teaching locally and internationally. He has tried different dances from Swing family, but Blues became the main one.

He has been exploring the blues dance, trying to combine it  with modern dances to reflect the music and fill it with body motion, and make dancing more deep. 

Denis and Genia improvisation (Video)

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