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A place to relax

Old and beautiful the City of Lviv is a really wonderful place.
It has become a cultural and touristic center of Ukraine, where everyone can find an entertainment for his body and soul.
Museums, art galleries, theaters and streets with unique architecture will fully satisfy your aesthetic tastes. And keep in mind that The Old Town of Lviv is protected by UNESCO and is a part of the  World Heritage. 

Besides its beauty, the city is well-known for a variety of eat and drink places and it's a target for a "gastro" tourism. Here you can find a lot of specially organized and thematically decorated bars and restaurants: it can be an underground guerrilla shelter, or a chocolate factory, or a tall fairy house or a coffee mine!
Yes, coffee! A lot of good and tasty around the city.

The City is totally tourist-oriented. 
Sightseeing, old street walks, excellent food along with good coffee and home-made liqueurs - you can find all these just around the Old town of Lviv

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